Tuthill Park

Tuthill Park Trail Map

We are currently raising funds to work with a professional contractor, TrailArts, to design and build up to 4 miles of multi-use single track in and adjacent to Tuthill Park in Sioux Falls. The map is a guide of what is currently complete and what trail is projected for the 2019 season. Our trail at Tuthill Park still remains under construction due to an unfavorably wet build season in 2018. We thank you for your contributions to the project and your patience with us as we continue to work on this long-awaited project.

Project Overview
In 2016, FAST was granted access to an underused area of Tuthill Park through a usage agreement established with the Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation Department to establish and maintain a multi-use trail.
The trail surface will be packed dirt with stone hard facing and wood bridges as needed. It will range in width from 24-36” and the grade will follow the natural river bluļ¬€ topography of the park. Average grades will not exceed 8-10% and the maximum grade will be no greater than 17%. The trail will be designed to allow water to exit the trail often and minimize erosion potential. 
After the trail is built, FAST volunteers will be utilized to maintain the single track throughout the season through weekly trail maintenance and cleanup sessions. The sessions are tailored to the need of the week and can include tree and grass trimming, erosion repair, litter pick-up and trail expansion.