Member Meeting and Board Member Election

Join FAST at Fernson's Tap Room (Brewery) on April 19th.

6:30-7 - Social 
7-7:30 - News/updates from the board and board member elections
-Recap 2017
-2018 build season - Leaders, YT, Tuthill, Lien
-2018 events - Gear and Beer, Trail Challenge, TKMBD
-Ride w/FAST or Bike shop rides
-Elections (FAST members vote on new board members, must be a FAST member to vote)

Board Election:
FAST is looking to add 2 new board members to help drive the organization forward. 2018 is a big year for FAST and we need your help as we pursue current trail building opportunities and plan for new ones. Board members can expect to contribute at trail maintenance sessions, monthly board meetings, quarterly events and weekly via email/text communication with the rest of the board. Expect 8-12 hours per month. 2 year term.
Please email FAST if you believe you have what it takes to join the board.  
Please include why you'd like the position. Submissions must be received by no later than April 12th.

Board Member Position 1 - Communications Director
The Communications Director will be in charge of managing FAST's social media presence, in accordance with stated goals and current objectives. Quality content is desired over quantity. Ideally this person has an eye for good design, and captivating images.
Other responsibilities would include:
- Develop consistent, clear communication to members and community at large
- Work with FAST Board on press releases and public relations
- Establish monthly or bi-monthly member updates via email pushed out to social
- Ensure up-to-date communications/content is added to through working with website manager
-Assembling details for this type of posting : )

Board Member Position 2 - Secretary
As the scope of the work FAST is doing continues to grow, we need help making sure important tasks aren't being neglected. The Secretary would be responsible for the following things:
- Ensure annual state and federal paperwork is turned in on time
- Managing the cache of documents related to agreements with the IMBA, the City of Sioux Falls, and other organizations.
- Maintaining the official member list, in coordination with the Treasurers
- Organizing and publishing Board meeting notes to the FAST website

There's a seat at the table for you!