Falls Area SingleTrack (FAST) Breaks Ground on Tuthill Park Recreational Trails


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Falls Area SingleTrack (FAST) Breaks Ground on Tuthill Park Recreational Trails

Sioux Falls, S.D. (7/3/18) - Falls Area SingleTrack (FAST), a local not-for-profit recreational trail building and management organization, broke ground on their newest multi-use trail system in Tuthill Park on June 25, 2018. The Tuthill Park Recreational Trail will be a significant addition to the FAST trail system and when complete will add up to 4 miles of single track trail to their current management.

The 4-mile, natural surface, multi-use trail is being created and maintained through collaboration between the Sioux Falls Parks & Recreation Department and FAST. TrailArts based out of Rapid City, S.D. has been hired to construct the trail and FAST will maintain it through usage agreements with the City of Sioux Falls. Construction is expected to be completed by the fall of 2018 provided that full funding of the estimated $70,000 trail is met. Funding secured thus far has come through contributions from local bike shops, businesses and individual donors and totals around $40,000. FAST is currently looking for individual or corporate sponsorships in order to complete the construction of the multi-use trail this year.

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Project Overview
In 2016, FAST was granted access to an underused area of Tuthill Park through a usage agreement established with the Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation Department to establish and maintain a multi-use trail. The trail surface will be packed dirt with stone hard facing and wood bridges as needed. It will range in width from 24-36” and the grade will follow the natural river bluļ¬€ topography of the park. Average grades will not exceed 8-10% and the maximum grade will be no greater than 17%. The trail will be designed to allow water to exit the trail often and minimize erosion potential. Careful consideration has been made in the design of the trail to utilize the natural flow of the land, as well as to not disturb any of the ash trees within the park, to help prevent the spread of the emerald ash borer.

After the trail is built, FAST volunteers will be utilized to maintain the single track throughout the season through weekly trail maintenance and cleanup sessions. The sessions are tailored to the need of the week and can include tree and grass trimming, erosion repair, litter pick-up and trail expansion.

Project press sheet can be downloaded here.

About Falls Area SingleTrack (FAST)
FAST is a not-for-profit recreational trail building and management organization with a mission to protect, create and enhance quality trail experiences for mountain bikers in cooperation with other trail users in the Sioux Falls area. FAST actively promotes responsible trail use, supports volunteer trail work, assists land managers with trail management issues and improves relations among all trail user groups.

For the past 10 years, FAST has fostered a long-term relationship with the City of Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation Department to build and maintain single track trail in multiple city parks. To date, FAST actively manages and maintains over 4 miles of single track and their footprint continues to grow. FAST currently has over 150 active members and contributors to their organization and have over 1,500 followers on social media.

About TrailArts
TrailArts is a natural-surface trail developer that works with public and private sectors in planning and construction of shared multi-use trails that maximize user satisfaction while minimizing impacts to the surrounding environment. TrailArts’ portfolio includes trail construction on a national level and is responsible for the construction of trails such as; M Hill and Skyline in Rapid City, S.D.

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