Tuthill Update


The amount of support you have shown for the Tuthill project has been inspirational, to say the least. Together we have raised around $50,000 for the professionally built trail we’re already enjoying.

Unfortunately, none of the (several) grants we’ve applied for have panned out like we had hoped.

We need to raise another $20,000 to fully realize the potential of Tuthill Park and complete the trail system as designed. If we cannot keep raising money at a rate sufficient enough to keep TrailArts working, then Dave will have to leave to pursue the high demand for his craft elsewhere in the country. This also increases the cost of the project by almost $6,000 and delays the project's completion significantly. 

The board is continuing to aggressively pursue local donors and foundations for support, but we’re going to need your help to see this thing through in 2018. 

Please consider the significance of what we’re all working to accomplish here. The Tuthill Park trails will serve as a high quality, sustainable, recreational resource for Sioux Falls for decades to come. Thousands of hikers, runners and bike riders will have easy access to a top notch outdoor experience. 

While FAST and its partners are the architects for Tuthill, it will belong to our community. It will serve as an excellent model for otherwise underutilized green spaces in our region.

FAST understands that there’s no shortage of good causes to support today. We ask that you consider giving what you can for Tuthill, not only for yourself, but for your neighbors as well.

If every member of FAST donated $100 today, the singletrack at Tuthill Park would be fully funded.

Prefer to give check or cash directly to FAST? Contact one of the following board members.

Michael Christensen:
Clay Austin:
Brad Blomberg:


We're nearing a full mile of completed trail. TrailArts is working to complete the lower line on the river side of the sledding hill and the FAST board is working on control gate install and trail signage.