2019 Media One Funski Fat Tire Bike Race

Saturday January 19th - 8:15a.m. start time.
The 4th Annual Media One Funski Fat Tire Bicycle Race. 

Variable conditions due to the warmth may present riding surface challenges. Be prepared for all types of riding conditions. Final course route TBD Saturday morning by 7:30 a.m.

The plan is to have the race start in front of the chalet and then climb the bunny hill and make laps back down in front of the chalet and incorporate a slight climb up the ski hill. Final course TBD but see below for a reference course map.
  • GREAT BEAR is NOT open for bikes or fat biking and this is a Media One Funski Event to Benefit Children's Inn only.
  • No obstacles that will require dismounts but depending on conditions dismount may be required during climbs.
  • 3" wide tires and greater only. Recommend LOW PRESSURE 3-5 PSI works well for soft snow.
  • $25 - direct donation to Children's Inn registration fee.
  • Non-sanctioned. No license necessary.
  • Approximately 20 minute long race. Ski hill opens at 9a.m. so we will have to have race finished and any markers torn down. Expect 1 laps for beginners, 2 for Intermediate and 3 for Advanced
  • Open to beginners, intermediates, experts but all levels will start and race together!
  • The course will be open for pre-ride by 7:45. Please DO NOT ride on the groomed cross-country ski trails. There will be a cross-country ski race at 9:30
To register, visit: