Board Spotlight: Ben


Meet the FAST Board.

Name: Ben Blomberg
Title: President

How long have you been on the board?
7+ years I think?

What do you love most about FAST?
I love what FAST has brought to our community. We’ve been able to provide unique opportunities to enjoy the outdoors that didn’t previously exist. The community of trail users in Sioux Falls continues to grow and it’s really exciting to see.

What is your favorite park to ride in Sioux Falls?
Leaders Park

Where is the coolest place you’ve ever ridden outside of Sioux Falls?
I had the opportunity to ride Crested Butte last summer and it was a blast!  The Black Hills are always great too.

What do you want FAST members to know about you? 
Whether it’s for music, exercise, food or drinks, my favorite place to be is outside.

If you could only drink one kind of beer for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Indeed’s Flavorwave

What is your favorite piece of riding equipment? 
Boring, but I’m gonna go with a helmet.

Flats or clipless? 
Mostly clipless, but flats for the fun rides downtown.

What is the best tip for someone that wants to start riding a mountain bike? 
Get out and have fun.  Don’t worry about how fast you’re going or riding every section clean.  At the end of the day, it’s all about enjoying the ride.