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If you like walking out your front door, getting on your bike, and riding singletrack without leaving the city FAST is for you. If you ride our trails at Leaders Park and/or Yankton Trail Park more than once a year FAST is for you. If you like that FAST partners with the Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation Department to turn underutilized park land into singletrack FAST is for you.

If FAST is for you - then you should be for FAST. Creating and maintaining singletrack in the city isn't free. There may be a lot of trees in Leaders & Yankton Trail Parks and we have not yet identified a single one that drops dollar bills in the fall. We're not asking for a lot but we must ask for some.

Join FAST/IMBA by simply filling out our membership form!

Falls Area Singletrack is a chapter of the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA). IMBA Chapters have taken the next step in aligning with IMBA and unifying a world wide mountain biking movement. These organizations are more closely connected to IMBA and have an increased level of support for sustaining the local group's infrastructure including joint membership, e.g., the chapter's members are also automatically members of IMBA.

The chapter program is IMBA’s initiative to create a unified voice for mountain bikers. Simply put, the mountain bike movement is stronger when local and national organizations work in tandem to create great trail experiences. IMBA has the professional full-time staff, the database capabilities and the institutional knowledge to make an impact, while local clubs have the relationships and (most importantly) the trails. Together, we can increase access and bring more people to the ride!

To learn more about what the IMBA Chapter program has to offer take a look at this IMBA Chapter Program page.

Membership dollars are split between Falls Area Singletrack and IMBA. A percentage goes to IMBA to pay for their staff to help us manage our club’s administrative duties and assist with outreach and development.